A Father's Fight wins "Best Feature"

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3:00AM - 3:30AM

Truth For Life with Alistair Begg
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A pastor’s work in pointing people to follow Jesus is extremely challenging in the current culture. Study along with us on Truth For Life as Alistair Begg looks at the apostle Paul’s timeless exhortations for Timothy to persevere to the end.
3:30AM - 4:00AM

Thru the Bible - Questions & Answers with Dr. J. Vernon McGee

1) Are the 144,000 mentioned in Revelation 7 and 14 two different groups? 2) Does "resist not evil" mean that we should not defend our home or family? 3) Does Isaiah 26:20 refer to the Rapture of the church? 4) Could you explain Hebrews 11:6b and the meaning of diligently seeking God?
4:00AM - 5:00AM

Steve Brown Etc.

Steve Brown, founder and president of Key Life Network, presents the Gospel message.


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