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Real Radio with Jack Hibbs

Real Radio with Jack Hibbs

About Real Radio

Real Radio is heard daily worldwide. The program is designed to bring you chapter-by-chapter and verse-by-verse through the Bible. We tackle current issues and important topics but we always examine them through the filter of the timeless truth of God’s word.
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The Christian Life - 4B
When we accept Jesus Christ as our Savior, we are born again by His Spirit. God gives us a new life. We no longer live for ourselves, or worry about ourselves. Instead, we live for God, and through His love, have a sincere love for others.

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Turnaround At Home

Turnaround at Home is a guide to creating a God-honoring home for your children, regardless of the model you received as you grew up. Drawing from their own inspiring stories, Jack and Lisa Hibbs will help you understand your emotional, spiritual and social legacy. They provide biblical encouragement for creating positive marriage and parenting relationships for every season of your life. This book offers many practical ideas for becoming intentional in your marriage and as parents and grandparents. Family patterns can be renewed in your generation. Turnaround at Home will help you make changes for good, starting at home.


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